Ministry of Health

Ministry Vision

Integrated and holistic health system that contributes to improving the quality of health services and the sustainable enhancement of health status

Ministry active programs
  1. High-quality and sustainable primary health care and public health services and the promotion of healthy lifestyles.
  2. High-quality and sustainable secondary and tertiary healthcare services.
  3. Administrative Programme and Health Governance
Strategic Goals

1. Ensure the provision of comprehensive health services to all Palestinians, heading towards the localization of health services in Palestine.

2. Promote the management of non-communicable diseases, preventive healthcare, and community health awareness programs.

3. Institutionalize quality systems in all aspects of health services.

4. Promote and develop an efficient, qualified, and sufficient health workforce.

5. Strengthen health governance, including institutional development, laws and legislations enforcement, cross-sectoral coordination, complementarity between health service providers, as well as enhancing health financing and protection of Palestinian citizens against the financial hardship of paying health care costs.


The Ministry of Health budget for 2023 was ILS2,542,648,819, or 14.4% of total expenditures of the 2032 General Budget

Budget Items (NIS)

Capital Expenditures
Developmental Budget
Operational Expenditures
Social Assistance Benefits
Wages and Salaries

توزيع الموازنة الجارية والرأسمالية تبعاً للبرامج/ بالشيكل


Operational Expenditures

are the needed expenditures to operate the Ministry of Health and its facilities (such as building-related fees, electricity fees, water, fuel, medical consumables, etc.). This also includes medical transfers and medicines.

Capital Expenditures

include the expenses paid for acquiring capital assets (e.g., buildings, lands, equipment, vehicles, etc.), as well as capital transfers related to projects. This item also includes expenses for capital development

Developmental Expenditures

are expenditures that have a different nature from current expenditures in terms of life span and return on expenditures. This also includes the expenses for developing the quality of health services in Palestine.

Social Contributions

is the government contribution in the General Commission for Insurance and Pensions.

Days of Medication

are the total days spent at hospital (i.e., overnight stays) for hospitalization purposes.

موازنات مواطن للوزارة خلال السنوات السابقة

year Capital Expenditures Capital Expenditures percent Developmental Budget Developmental Budget percent Operational Expenditures Operational Expenditures percent Social Assistance Benefits Social Assistance Benefits percent Total Yearly Budget
2023 29,319,599 1.20% 234,055,339 9.20% 1,213,401,784 47.70% 81,192,140 3.20% 2,541,648,819
2022 29,319,599 1.40% 150,000,000 7.00% 988,000,000 46.00% 2,145,920,592
2021 29,319,599 1.00% 232,305,712 10.00% 1,208,859,919 52.00% 2,325,173,065

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