Ministry of Interior

Ministry Vision

A modern and rational public institution that provides quality services with outstanding performance and active and constructive community relations that contribute to building an independent Palestinian state.


A sovereign ministry that provides security and civil services to Palestinian citizens and regulate sustainable documentation of the population registry within a safe, developed and comprehensive database, which issues high-quality, official documents to service-receivers. The Ministry preserves rights, upholds freedoms and regulates civil society organizations and political parties, preserving civic peace according to Palestinian laws and legislation and international standards.

Ministry active programs
  • Issuance of official documents and related services
  • Civil Society Organization and Community Reform
  • Administrative Programme
  •  Employees not distributed to programmes
Strategic Goals
  • Strategic Objective 1: Provision of high-quality services.
  • Strategic Objective 2: Distinctive human resources and an excellent institutional performance.
  •  Strategic Objective 3: Active relationship with civil society and national and international partners.

The Ministry of Interior’s Budget was ILS 68,133,174, or 0.39% of overall expenditures from the 2023 General Budget

Budget Items (NIS)

Capital Expenditures
Developmental Budget
Operational Expenditures
Social Contribution Benefits
Wages and Salaries

Employees Distributions

Total number of employee: 942
West Bank

توزيع الموازنة الجارية والرأسمالية تبعاً للبرامج/ بالشيكل


General Budget

is a detailed schedule of Palestinian Authority (PA) expenditures and revenues for a certain fiscal year. It includes annual estimates of PA’s revenues, grants, loans, and other received amounts, as well as expenditures and various payments. (General Budget Law No. (7) of 1998, Article (1))


include current; capital; and developmental expenditures.

Operational Expenditures “Goods and Services

are the needed expenditures to operate public institutions (such as building related fees, electricity fees, water, fuel, etc.). These expenditures are part of the current expenditures.

Transfer Expenditures

are expenditures allocated from the General Budget for the benefit of third parties, such as aid provided through the Ministry of Social Development (MoSD) to poor families, allocations for the families of martyrs and injured persons, and allocations for Palestinian prisoners.

Capital Expenditures

include the expenses paid for acquiring capital assets (e.g., buildings, lands, equipment, vehicles, etc.), as well as capital transfers related to projects. This item also includes expenses for capital development.

Developmental Expenditures

are expenditures that have a different nature from current expenditures in terms of life span and return on expenditures (such as infrastructure projects).

موازنات مواطن للوزارة خلال السنوات السابقة

year Capital Expenditures Capital Expenditures percent Developmental Budget Developmental Budget percent Operational Expenditures Operational Expenditures percent Social Assistance Benefits Social Assistance Benefits percent Total Yearly Budget
2023 900,000 1.32% 7,300,000 10.71% 8,000,000 11.74% 68,133,174
2022 900,000 1.40% 7,000,000 10.60% 8,300,000 12.50% 66,277,000
2021 500,000 0.80% 4,800,000 7.90% 8,000,000 13.20% 60,619,803

معلومات الاتصال

Ministry of Interior:

Ramallah, Al-Masyoun, opposite the Palestinian Council of Ministers