Ministry of Social Development

Ministry Vision

A robust, mutually supportive, and productive Palestinian society which provides a dignified life to all households and individuals and releases their energies and guarantees their rights, equality, justice, partnership, inclusion and integration.


The Ministry of Social Development (MOSD) aims to provide and coordinate the provision of integrated protection and social development services to protect poor and marginalized persons; as well as providing care to them and integrating and empowering them in partnership and cooperation with governmental organizations, NGOs, and the private sector. This is done through the Case Management methodology and enhancement of local community alternatives.

Strategic Goals


 Strategic Objective 1: Reduction of poverty on all levels.

 Strategic Objective 2: Effective national and local measures for protecting poor and vulnerable men and women, including the elimination of all forms of marginalization, violence, exclusion, shocks, trauma, and disasters within the Palestinian society.

Strategic Objective 3: Strengthen the standards of governance, integrity, and transparency


موازنات مواطن للوزارة خلال السنوات السابقة

year Capital Expenditures Capital Expenditures percent Developmental Budget Developmental Budget percent Operational Expenditures Operational Expenditures percent Social Assistance Benefits Social Assistance Benefits percent Total Yearly Budget
2023 200,000 0.02% 4,500,000 0.54% 8,313,460 1.00% 751,430,000 90.80% 827,611,062
2022 200,000 0.02% 6,106,663 0.74% 8,106,678 0.98% 751,430,000 91.24% 823,553,022
2021 200,000 0.02% 9,635,000 1.18% 7,907,645 0.97% 751,430,000 91.76% 818,915,145

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