The Ministry of Education

Ministry Vision

A Palestinian society that possesses the values, knowledge, culture and technology to produce knowledge and employ it in liberation and development


Build an educational system that contributes to the consolidation of ethical, national and humanitarian values and serves as an incubator of critical thinking, develops the principles of research and search for knowledge as well as necessary capacities to bring about active citizens, through the empowerment of a unique educational cadre that is capable of bringing about positive change in the educational process. The results of the new educational system contribute to meeting the needs of comprehensive development and creation of promising economic opportunities that fulfill the goals of a modern, enlightened Palestinian society.

Ministry active programs
  • Early childhood education
  • Primary education
  • Secondary education
  • Vocational education
  • Non-formal education
  • Administration and governance
Strategic Goals
  1. Ensure safe, comprehensive and just enrolment in the educational system at all levels
  2. Develop teaching and learning methods and environment centered on the benefit of students
  3. Enhance accountability, results-based leadership, governance, and administration

In accordance with Ministry of Finance data, the Ministry of Education’s budget, funded by the Public Treasury was ILS3,442,474,763, or 19.5% of the overall total expenditures from the public budget for 2023.

Budget Items (NIS)

Capital Expenditures
Developmental Budget
Operational Expenditures
Social Contribution Benefits
Wages and Salaries

توزيع الموازنة الجارية والرأسمالية تبعاً للبرامج/ بالشيكل


Citizen Budget

a simplified document of the general budget of the Ministry of Education. Expressed in numbers, figures, and graphs, it summarizes the key expenditure policies, approaches and priorities of the Ministry for the upcoming year. The budget enables citizens to become familiarized with the distribution of expenses among different programs and items in the education sector and consequently, to monitor governmental expenditures on education.

Operational costs

the necessary expenditures for the operation of the public institution, i.e. the Ministry (Electricity, water, fuel, travel, etc.)

Developmental expenditures

are expenditures which have a nature that is different from current expenditures in terms of their useful life and the return from expenditures and are financed by the PA budget and donors.

Capital expenditures

what the government [Ministry] spends on the possession of capital assets (buildings, land, equipment, vehicles, etc.)

Procurement services

The Ministry procures certain services (insurance, cleaning, maintenance, etc.) from a private institution in exchange for money, whereby the private institution provides the required services according to agreed conditions.

Current expenditures

This includes salaries and wages, raises, operational and referral expenditures of the ministry, public institutions and the other executive bodies of the State of Palestine

موازنات مواطن للوزارة خلال السنوات السابقة

year Capital Expenditures Capital Expenditures percent Developmental Budget Developmental Budget percent Operational Expenditures Operational Expenditures percent Social Assistance Benefits Social Assistance Benefits percent Total Yearly Budget
2023 500,000 0.01% 125,000,000 3.60% 243,002,432 7.10% 3,442,474,762
2022 500,000 0.01% 513,251,161 15.12% 102,733,600 3.03% 3,393,818,652
2021 225,488,667 6.40% 405,094,395 11.40% 379,598,919 10.70% 3,546,173,317

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