Citizen’s Budget of 2022 Ministry of Education

وزارة التربية والتعليم

The Ministry of Education budget in 2022 was 3,393,818,652 Shekels from the total public expenditures for different
responsibility centers (which amounted to 18,110,000,000 Shekels). This constitutes 18.7% of total public
expenditures in the General Budget of 2022

Social contributions
Social contributions percentage

بنود الموازنة

Wages and Salaries
Wages and Salaries percent
Operational Expenditures
Operational Expenditures percent
Capital Expenditures
Capital Expenditures percent
Developmental Budget
Developmental Budget percent
Total Yearly Budget

توزيع الموازنة الجارية والرأسمالية تبعاً للبرامج/ بالشيكل

البرنامج الموازنة edit Content
Preschool Education 87,193,419
Basic Education 1,792,705,437
Secondary Education 1,236,622,044
Vocational Education 65,876,103
Non-Formal Education 473,614
Governance and Management 210,948,035

مشاريع تطويرية

اسم المشروع قيمة المشروع edit Content
Building and maintenance of schools, including in Jerusalem, Areas “C”, and Jericho and Jordan Valley, in order to confront the Israeli annexation plans and enhance Palestinian resilienc USD 47,094,694
Building and maintenance of vocational schools and colleges USD 6,424,617
Support for schools in East Jerusalem and Palestinian-controlled areas USD 25,832,080
Production and provision of educational and learning means USD 1,295,105
Establishment of the MOE Educational TV station USD 653,510
Digitalization strategies, smart learning, and STEM program USD 10,093,360
Develop curriculums and their manuals USD 1,018,190
Maintenance and replacement of school and office furniture and equipment USD 7,459,306
Opening of pre-school classrooms in [public] schools USD 2,535,000
Implementation of support activities for students (student, health, and guidance activities) USD 42,703,984
Qualify teachers and administrative and support staff in line with professional educational training policies and standards USD 3,286,634
Remedial education, supportive education, and recovery for basic level students USD 2,062,900
Administrative buildings at the Ministry and directorates USD 2,509,000
National, regional, and international examinations (such as TIMSS and PISA) USD 618,810